Annual RVF Combat Sports Festival which will include a weekend of Mixed Martial demonstrations, the Road to Honor Tournament, food trucks, vendors, and plenty of entertainment for the entire family.

Quarterly Martial Arts Seminars

In conjunction with local gyms, we will host quarterly martial arts seminars utilizing the local instructors of that specific community.  For example, we will hold a judo seminar at one of our local BJJ gyms, or a BJJ seminar at a karate dojo.  The idea is to start exposing our local athletes to different types of martial arts while raising money for the RVF.  Locally in the Corpus Christi area, area coaches are excited about this concept.  There was an initial hesitation, however after the RVF Combat Sports Festival there was a new level of excitement.  They are on board and just waiting for me to schedule the first one.

Quarterly Women's Self Defense Classes

I feel very strongly about women’s self-defense, especially now that I am in a situation to solely care for and protect my 6 children alone.  I believe every woman should possess these skills.  We have started talking to local universities to partner with to have a facility to hold our Women’s Self Defense classes for the university students and anyone they would like to bring along.  There would be a discounted rate however this is still intended as a fundraising event.  In time, the GU Women Empowered Program would fit our values perfectly.  As we get started in the next couple months, our President Robert Rodriguez would be the instructor for these classes, as he is currently the head training instructor and specializes in self-defense utilizing BJJ and tactical training.   

Robert Villegas: Road to Honor 2022

The Robert Villegas Foundation is proud to Host the 2022 Robert Villegas: Road to Honor Tournament with Rock's Vitamins and More as our title sponsor. This year we will be showcasing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo. This event is geared to start bringing the martial arts world together one discipline at a time. Every year that we hold this tournament, our goal is to add one more discipline to the roster. This year our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will offer many divisions for the whole family, we are offering one price for up to 3 division! We will also be including a Professional division with some cash prizes. We would love to see everyone stay for the show! Our Taekwondo Tournament will be sparring only! This allows fighters to come to a tournament and compete against everyone in their division. No more going to a tournament, fighting one match, and going home. Let's come to spar, and spar some more. Come out and have a good time, enjoy the show whether you're into BJJ, Taekwondo or both, enjoy the concessions and the venders that will join us. Please keep in mind that the primary reason for this event to as a fundraiser for the Robert Villegas Foundation, at the end of this day our proceeds go right back into our community. Help us keep kids pushing forward through any hardships in life that they may endure.