Sports festival honors local MMA fighter
who lost his life to COVID-19

‘Sometimes it can be an outlet for children who have nowhere else to go and that’s what he did and I’m trying to do the same, in the way that I can do it,” said Robert Villegas’ wife Valerie.

MMA fighter leaves legacy that will grow combat sports

Robert Villegas lives on through the first Combat Sports Festival. Put on by the foundation his wife created after passed, his vision to grow combat sports through all children continues.

January 2022

1st Annual RVF Combat Sports Festival

The Robert Villegas Foundation is proud to Host the 1st Annual RVF Combat Sports Festival. This event is geared to educate the community on the various forms of martial art disciplines and the advantages that they can bring to our children and the community. I believe it is time to focus on growing the marital arts community in South Texas by educating our community on the benefits. This year we will be showcasing BJJ, Taekwondo, Wresting, Muay Thai, Judo, and Boxing. With the event ticket you will also receive one of two meals offered from a delicious local food truck.

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